Global Carbon Holding - Positioning

How Does Global Carbon Holding Fit into This Framework?

The GCH Team consists of subject matter experts that specialize in planning and developing Carbon Credit projects. Other parts of the team assist in the brokerage and sale of the credits being generated, and handle CC Token investments. The GCH Team also matches projects with financial backing. For instance, in the case of small projects, the same companies interested in buying the credits also act as financiers. For large projects, the team creates ad hoc bodies to provide support. Often at this level, these are entities of international organizations or members of national governments. GCH scientists establish calculation mechanisms and certify the ownership of credits on a case by case basis within the various projects. We create viable project plans that include all relevant factors like geographical area, ecosystem characteristics, local customs, and regulatory frameworks.


Expectations, in terms of financing and effects on the climate and tropical forest ecosystems, are high, even if they are difficult to implement in a decisive way. In this context, the voluntary market plays a fundamental role, and the definition of methodologies at an international level is a driving force for investments in the sector.

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